Biomechanical Personal Training

We coach a wide variety of Kids. Our training techniques are the optimal foundation for children to strengthen their connective tissues ensuring they develop naturally without the use of weights. The movements are all done with body weight and the bodies natural patterns are restored  and enhanced. 

In my 14 years of training I have had the opportunity to work with  British junior golfers, Queenswood Girls High School tennis team, Top 10 Australian junior surfers, Mosman Whalers under 15 rugby teams, First team rugby and rowing representatives from the GPS schools as well as kids who have challenges like autism and obesity.

Having three sons  of my own, ages 10, 7 & 2 years has given me a hands on experience of how children develop. I am passionate about helping provide our future generation with the tools to grow into thriving adults. Currently I am working with school kids in Sydney and establishing a training system that is unique and giving these kids a significant advantage.

If you want to your kids to have a head start then come in for a initial complimentary assessment.